Beginners, professionals, and hobbyists all agree: a DSLR camera sets a high standard for photography. DSLRs almost always take great pictures. Parts and accessories are widely available to make photographs even better. But for its price, is it worth investing in?

What is a DSLR Camera?

A DSLR camera puts together the optics and mechanisms of a digital imaging sensor and a single-lens reflex camera. DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex. It means a mirror inside the camera reflects the light coming from the lens. This light is also reflected in the viewfinder, giving you a clear sight of the picture you are taking. As a result, you see the subject or scene you are shooting in real-time.

What are the advantages of using a DSLR Camera?


Speed is probably what made the DSLR camera famous. If you compare it with a point-and-shoot camera, you will see the difference in the lag. Generally, DSLRs are fast pieces of machinery in factors important in photography such as startup, focusing, and shutter.

Resolution and image quality

Several elements allow the DSLR camera to produce a better image quality. The first is its large image sensors which permit it to create larger pixel sizes, hence higher resolution. DSLRs also have an extensive ISO range. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light concerning its digital sensor. A lower ISO setting creates a lesser sensitivity to light. This produces a higher-quality photo. Having a wide ISO range gives you the flexibility to shoot your photos under different lighting conditions.

Manual controls

If you are an amateur photographer, there is no need to worry since DSLRs also come with good auto modes. You will be able to take great photos using this mode. As you learn about the different settings you can do with your DSLR camera, you will find that there are plenty of ways to play with it. 

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Aside from the ISO or sensitivity to light, you can also regulate the depth, exposure, blur, and focus.   This gives you the power to create the outcome you want to see in your pictures. The edge you want to make depends on setting these elements up just before clicking the shutter button.

Quality optics

One of the key benefits of owning a DSLR camera is your ability to change lenses. DSLR cameras can be purchased with one, two, or three-lens kits. These lens kits can give you better quality photos as these provide a wide range of ways of capturing different subjects. 

This camera can be fitted with many high-quality lenses going from wide-angle to long focal lengths depending on what you want to capture. Your choice of lens significantly impacts the image quality. This is one of the most outstanding values you can get from your DSLR.

Depth of field

Do you remember looking at an image with a distinct separation of foreground and background? These are where the subject is presented against a blurred background. DSLRs allow you to compress these layers in an image to make it more compelling and eye-catching. Having this feature in your camera trains your creative eye to create depth and interest in your pictures. 


Other than the lens kits, an extensive range of accessories is available to a DSLR. Depending on your image requirements, flashes, filters, lens hoods, microphones, etc. are easily accessible. Gear that may help you with the logistics, such as camera bag, tripod, batteries, and memory cards, are also widely available. 

Retaining value

We know that most gadgets like phones, tablets, and even small point-and-shoot cameras get upgraded a lot. Some of them even twice within a year. DSLR models do not. If you purchase one, it will hold its value for longer. Also, most of the accessories you will buy are compatible with other camera models (of the same brand) should you wish to upgrade later. This means that purchasing a DSLR camera and its accessories can be considered a good investment.

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DSLRs are also popular for their robust quality and long life span.  As long as you maintain it in its tip-top shape, it will serve you for years to come.  Batteries are replaceable and the shutter count is usually large.  Shutter count is the number of photographs you can take with a camera.  A professional DSLR has around 200,000 shots.

What are the things to consider when planning to purchase a DSLR camera?


What will you use it for? It can be for a photography business, hobby, or just for recording everyday family events. But more importantly, you should ask yourself what type of photography you want to do. The kind of photography you opt for should be your deciding factor. If you are looking into taking stunning photos, then DSLR can give that to you. 


Are you willing to store and carry around a sizeable amount of gear just for taking pictures? It would be best to consider your lifestyle when buying a camera. An outdoorsy guy who often treks mountains might find adding a bit more load to his backpack passable in exchange for capturing breathtaking views.

However, a mom of three who wants to capture lasting memories of her kids’ childhood might settle for light-weight models instead of additional bulky gear to look after in their day trips.

Previous camera

Photography skills-wise, what have you tried using so far? A DSLR offers many features that can upgrade your image-capturing prowess if you are ready for it. If you are determined to bring your photo quality to a maximum, the DSLR is the right gear for you.

Price and Maintenance

DSLR cameras are pretty expensive. A brand new one might cost you from $500 to $3000, and it does not end there. You will need to purchase additional accessories such as lenses and filters to maximize its features. 

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With such a significant investment, you will need to keep it in pristine condition. Before using it, you need to make sure that the lens and sensor are clean. Regular rags might scratch your lens or sensor, which might affect the quality of the photos you take. There are special cleaning kits that you can purchase for proper cleaning of your special camera.

Is the DSLR camera worth buying?

If taking stunning photos is your priority, the answer is a big yes! Even in auto mode, DSLRs can give you beautiful shots. With manual controls and your choice of accessories, you get creative freedom and the chance to hone your picture-taking talent.

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