Mirrorless cameras are something that many amateur or professional photographers have considered adding to their arsenal. However, this brings up the question of whether you should buy this new or used. This question is not easy to answer. Hence, here at Enhanced View Services, we will be discussing why to buy new or used cameras for both professional and non-professional photographers, so we will be touching on topics that benefit everyone. 

It is a great feeling to own a new camera fresh out of the box, but it can be an expensive venture. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget and you are offered a good deal, you can be tempted to buy a used camera instead. It is easily understandable when you opt for used cameras. 

Why choose a mirrorless camera

A mirrorless camera is a camera that works without using a reflex mirror. It functions by allowing light to pass through the lens and go directly to the digital sensor. The digital sensor will then display the image that has been captured on the LCD screen of the camera.

This camera allows you to adjust the settings and preview the image before you capture it. Previously, the mirrorless camera has a lens that is not interchangeable but thanks to the ever-improving technology, a lot of mirrorless cameras have been modified and improved, which allowed it to be at the forefront of customizable photography. 

How do mirrorless cameras work? 

It is more straightforward than other camera types, like the DSLR. It does not use a mirror to bounce light to the viewfinder and sensor. Its sensor is designed to be directly exposed to light. This allows you to have a preview of the shot on the electronic viewfinder. After the shutter button is pressed, a door slides up to cover the image sensor. Then the door will slide down, therefore, covering the sensor again stopping the exposure, and then capturing the photo.

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Why buy a new camera

For professional photographers 

Tax deductions: If you are a freelance photographer, you are entitled to claim photography equipment and other work-related purchases and assets when you do your taxes. Tax deductions may differ from one country to another; however, you can deduct a certain amount from your camera’s cost every year after you figure out its depreciation in the country where you live in. If you are based in the US it is 5 years. 

A brand new camera can be seen as a long-term investment since you can deduct it from your taxes and allow you to enjoy the best technology a camera has to offer during the time of your purchase. Keep in mind that you can also claim used camera gear on your taxes. However, most professional photographers opt for getting a new camera because it makes more sense to get the latest camera than a used one. 

For non-professional photographers such as newbies, hobbyists, amateur photographers

New gear is easy to use: When you buy a new camera you are sure that you are getting brand new gear that is in excellent condition. They also offer a warranty depending on the brand. However, if you have someone who can check the used camera, it is better. This way, you can save more money to buy more gear that you will need in the future.

Warranty: When you buy a new mirrorless camera from an authorized seller, it will certainly come with a warranty especially if it will be used for professional purposes. Some camera stores will offer a warranty on second-hand items but some online sellers do not. Getting new camera gear means you are getting the latest software and hardware parts. Keep in mind that digital products are created to last for a couple of years, unlike their mechanical counterparts, which can last longer. 

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When you buy a new mirrorless camera, you will have the assurance that:

  • It will work well for a couple of years
  • It comes with the latest software and hardware
  • It comes with a warranty so it will be repaired or replaced if there will be any problem that can occur during a certain period
  • Its parts will have no issues due to mistreatment or poor handling of the previous owner

If you are considering buying a used mirrorless camera:

For Professional Photographers

Money: There are plenty of good deals for used cameras. This way, you can save your money and still get the gear that you need. Used cameras are available everywhere. You can purchase them from online shops, physical stores, auction sites, garage sales, etc. You can find a lot of sellers of cameras but you must be wary because a lot of scammers may try to trick you into buying a camera with issues. 

For non-professional photographers such as newbies, hobbyists, amateur photographers

Great deals for used mirrorless cameras: Camera manufacturers tend to release a lot of camera models frequently in a short period. Mirrorless camera manufacturers have created more than 100 models within 6 years. 

When there are plenty of camera models available in the market, most camera owners will want to get the latest mirrorless cameras and decide to sell their older versions so that they can get the newest versions. This will allow you to find a lot of used mirrorless cameras for a great price. 

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For example, you can buy a Lumix GF5 for a cheaper price even though it is only 2 years old. This camera is fast, captures great video quality, comes with a high-resolution LCD, and 12 Megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor. 

Limited budget: If you have a limited budget but want to buy a mirrorless camera, you can check second-hand or buy and sell shops that offer used cameras. If you are an amateur photographer and you have a tight budget, it is best to start your photography endeavor by not spending too much. 

Before you purchase your used mirrorless camera, you must first check the reputation of the seller. It is best to buy from a trustworthy shop like Enhanced View Services so you can check your camera before you purchase it. 

At Enhanced View Services, we always make sure to check and test our products before we offer them to our clients. This way you are getting a good deal with your hard-earned money. If you have someone knowledgeable about photography, they can come with you so they can help you check the camera’s condition before you purchase it. 

What are the things that you must check when getting a second-hand camera?

  • Buy from a reliable seller: You must purchase your second-hand mirrorless camera from a shop like Enhanced View Services. You can visit the shop to check the products in person. 
  • Make sure that the camera comes with the original box and accessories: This means that the gear that you will be purchasing has been treated well by the previous owner. It will also protect you from sellers that sell stolen items. You can verify the serial number or check Lenstag to check if the gear has been reported as stolen. 
  • Check the gear:  Make sure to check if the camera has any damage to the body. You must check for wear and tear especially on areas like the LCD and EVF. You must also check the camera’s sensor if there are scratches and dust. Take the time to test out the camera and transfer the image to your laptop. Check for dead pixels. Ask the seller for the camera’s current shutter count or check it using a program like Photome. If the camera has taken a few shots, this means it can last longer. You can also check the autofocus of the camera by taking a few test shots. 

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