Every now and then, a new service or invention comes out and has you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that.” This week, that phrase is manifested by the HD video transfer site latakoo.com. As you probably already know, HD video is kind of a big deal, and what’s more, it’s kind of impossible to email to your editor (or yourself).

So here’s the solution according to Latakoo:

·        Download its compression software.

·        Use it, duh.

·        Upload your video to Lakatoo’s cloud service.

·        Share and receive video via a secure network,

·        Or share to non-latakoo users by sending them a download link containing your file.

John Orlin of TechCrunch states, “Without Latakoo, it would [take] at least 6 hours to just upload the files. We [are] able to complete the transfer and start editing in less than 30 minutes.  And the quality [is] perfectly acceptable, even after the heavy file compression.”

Prices range depending on how much you’re planning to transfer. It starts at $2.49 per minute to $594 for 600 minutes. Each plan also includes a wide range of streaming, networking, and archiving options.

Although it launched earlier this summer to a lackluster market, it has steadily gained a respectable TV station customer base. It has also received 1.3 million dollars which is planned to  be invested in the development of its product – namely integration with social media.