Strange thought. Have you ever wanted to create a time machine, travel back to feudal Europe, kidnap a peasant, and bring him back to present day Times Square to watch him freak out?

What a coincidence.

“What sorcery!” he would exclaim, upon looking at the motorized carriages whizzing only a couple feet away from him; the gigantic moving pictures perched one hundred feet above; the likenesses of scantily clad women suggestively peering down from their thrones of glory.

He’s not used to this – understatement. He’s not even used to regularly seeing books, because in his time they have not yet been made readily available by the printing press. Now he stands among thousands of people with their own pocket printing presses, able to capture discrete moments of time and publish them for the world to see instantly.

His face, or what’s left of it, would be priceless. Tourists would capture it and publish it on Facebook, where they go to socialize and to be entertained. His idea of a night of socializing and entertainment entails going to the local tavern where music and storytelling could enjoyed – all things that can be done on Facebook.

The both of us are standing on Broadway and 45th. If he still had the wits to speak, and knew how to speak modern English, I would explain to him how his face might soon appear side by side with famous storytellers on this book of faces.

This will soon be possible, for the King of Facebook (Mark Elliot Zuckerberg) has been in talks with Television networks to convince them to allow him to display their content. It is of King Zuckerberg’s opinion that people increasingly define themselves by the media they consume.

“Listening to music is something that people do with their friends,” Zuckerberg said. “Music, TV, news books — those types of things I think people just naturally do with their friends. I hope we can play a part in enabling those new companies to get built, and companies that are out there producing this great content to become more social.”

Obviously, King Zuckerberg is aware of a recent herald by the marketing consulting firm Ideas & Solutions! claiming that pay-TV is on its way out as more of the new generation, his generation, is turning to newer methods of consuming entertainment.

King Zuckerberg acts as a catalyst of change in the entertainment industry. He will soon bring Two and a Half to the internet masses, and there will be much rejoicing.