The next generation is here. Microsoft, this past Tuesday, announced the release of their new console — the Xbox One. I find this hilarious, because a couple years ago a summer movie by the name Real Steel (which is set in the not so distant year 2020) featured an ad for the Xbox 720.

“Xbox 720? That doesn’t exist! This movie is so unrealistic!”


I suppose ‘Xbox One’ is a better name, though. It’s so much more zen than ‘Xbox 720’. If you think about it, naming the console ‘Xbox 720’ is merely labeling the machine as a ‘second revolution’, with Xbox 360 being the first.

Yeah! Trig, bitch!”


Microsoft probably only gave the Xbox 360 (the second Xbox console) its name because it was competing with the PS3 at the time. None of that nonsense now, however. Microsoft went with ‘Xbox One’, as if to say this iteration has been, is, and will be… At least until the next generation.


The Xbox One and PS4 share similar spec builds. They are also set to release within the same month, in time for holiday shoppers to face the dilemma of which one they’ll buy. It is said by the tech world that exclusive gaming releases will determine one console’s success over the other.


Forza’s New Release for the Xbox


Kilzone’s New release for the PS4

Both consoles will also be releasing motion detection hardware (the Xbox One with its ‘Kinect’ and the PS4 with its ‘eye’).

Sony is saving many PS4 details for E3, this June. However, Microsoft made a few announcements this week. The Xbox One will enable users to share 1080p video and even video chat with friends while watching movies, through the use of Skype software, now owned by Microsoft. Xboxers will be able to watch Netflix and browse the web using Internet Explorer.

Microsoft even announced that Steven Spielberg will be heading a live action Halo TV-Series, as if you needed more proof that he is an alien.