It is amazing what mobile tech has done for us. Essentially, it connects us with the world. It entertains us and educates us. For California resident, Melissa Rodriguez, mobile tech saved her life.

This past Monday, Rodriguez accidentally drove herself into a ravine. Although the OnStar service in her car was activated, her correct location was not given. Instead, a radius of 7 miles was given.

San Diego Officer David Cameron, probably no relation to the prime minister, visited her home and found out that she owns an iPad. “I made an educated guess based on a series of common numbers people use for passwords and on the third attempt I was able to get in.”

After he had gained access to her iPad, he turned on the find my iPhone app and was led directly to her. Her phone was found with 12% battery left, while she was found ejected from the car. Despite “major injuries” in her legs and abdomen, she is expected to survive.

So it’s no wonder why people love new iPhones. They’re slick, stylish, and they can save your life. Maybe Austrian Larry Else heard about this story.

Else, speculative real estate investor, bought a dilapidated property in Detroit for $41,000 and is willing to accept a new iPhone or iPad in exchange for the house’s deed.

“This house is really not worth much at all,” Else says citing the missing door, broken windows, $6000 back taxes, and “dicey neighborhood.”

What did we learn today? Not only can an iPhone save your life, but it is also probably worth more than Detroit.