This past Monday an historical event transpired in America, said Senator Richard Durbin: “The Senate actually voted for a bill.” This bill, of course, is a bill proposing the implementation of an Internet Sales Tax named the Marketplace Fairness Act. With a 69-to-27 vote, the bill is set for a vote in the House.

Proponents believe that “it is only fair” that the internet retailers should start paying taxes on goods that brick-and-mortar stores already pay, in an attempt to level the playing field.

Those opposed to the bill feel that the government, in enacting this bill, will be infringing upon states’ responsibility to enact taxes.

The bill is very short compared to the committee report for the ambitious tax-code overhaul; this was done intentionally to ensure that the bill passed. Said tax-code report, being 568 pages long, makes the proposed bill seem like light bathroom reading (not that congressmen would read it anyway).

I digress.

“They’ve finally found a way to take advantage of people’s unwillingness to put on clothes to go shopping,” joked Peter Sagal of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell me.

If this bill is enacted, the way we do business will change, no doubt. Amazon,, and Apple (iTunes) will all be affected.

Food for thought.

Some indisputable good news, though. Daft Punk’s much anticipated album, Random Access Memories, is streaming for free on iTunes. So check out this funky nouveau disco odyssey when you can. It’s well worth your time.