With the first shipment of Google Glass this past week, a new, exciting word has graced the English vernacular. This word is glasshole.

Glasshole (n):

A person who constantly talks to their Google Glass, ignoring the outside world.

Glasshole: “Glass do this, Glass do that.”

Co-rider: Shut the f*** up and enjoy the bus ride, you glasshole!

After reading this wonderful article on the etymology of glasshole (related words: glasswipe, glasshat, glassface), I felt like spreading the joy of this satisfying new word. There are very few glassholes out there so far, so it’s my public duty to educate and prepare everyone for the coming onslaught.

Remember when bluetools started appearing?

Bluetool (n):

A person, oblivious to the fact of looking like a complete douche, who is constantly wearing a bluetooth headset in an effort to appear important regardless of setting and or social standing.

“Is that bag boy wearing a bluetooth?”

“Ha! He is!”

“What a bluetool.”

“Hey broski! This bluetooth brings this whole outfit together, no?”


The difference between glassholes and bluetools is kind of obvious, though. We secretly want to be the glassholes with their $1500 dollar gadget.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KmFSmkDyr8]