As is expected in any business environment, relationships are made, and relationships are broken. In fact, sometimes relationships must be broken before new ones can form.

Consider Mozilla Firefox (the second best browser to replace Internet Explorer). This past week they ditched Google (creator of the best browser to download to replace Internet Explorer) as their default search engine and signed a 5 year contract with Yahoo.

Yahoo search, which is powered by Microsoft Bing, remains a focus for the company, says CEO Marissa Mayer.  “Our agreement came up for renewal this year, and we took this as an opportunity to review our competitive strategy,” Mozilla CEO, Chris Beard wrote.

With a new deal like this, it should be expected that Mozilla and Yahoo will probably collaborate more in the future.

Another break that occurred in tech was between Facebook and a more general group, political causes.

Rewind to the 2012 election between Obama and Romney. Both campaigns introduced Facebook apps which allowed supporters to share their friends lists with the campaigns. These apps would in turn tell supporters what  and to whom they should share certain campaign materials.

After receiving some complaints of non-consensual sharing of information, Facebook has decided to remove all third-party apps that gather information on users.

As Mozilla left Google for Yahoo, Facebook left politics for its users.

The internet lives to see another day.

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