It’s the new year, meaning new electronics are being showcased at CES.
Some companies revealed exciting new devices, while others announced new apps and services.

One of the latter companies was Yahoo whose new products all have to do with the news. During her keynote, CEO Marissa Mayer announced that Katie Couric will be anchoring a weekly news show on the site, in a affiliation with ABC news.

A new app named Yahoo News Digest will also be available to the public, delivering two daily news digests to users. And the most notable highlight of their keynote was the introduction of — a new tech site aimed toward the less tech savvy. It’s a pretty attractive website and was launched during the keynote address by tech writer, and face of the new site, David Pogue.

Aside from Yahoo’s reinvention keynote, Samsung had a very interesting revelation — their new UHD 105″ bendable TV. The keynote featured a short, awkwardly abrupt cameo by Michael “I make things go boom” Bay. He was mumbling something about “scenescapes” before he apologized to the audience and exited the stage, leaving a Sony executive to finish the segment, explaining that the TV gives the impression of 3D picture without the use of glasses.

Sony also took on the theme of scenescapes by introducing their new Ultra Short Throw 4k Projector that can project HD images up to 147″. This device will be available in the summer at the price of $40,000.

LG even introduced a refrigerator that you can have text message conversations with. I wonder if the refrigerator also responds to sexts.

Every year CES reminds us that the future is now. I can’t wait to see what is going to be revealed next year.