Before I get to this piece, I’m going to preface it with a condolence to all the people affected by this senseless massacre in Aurora. It is an extremely disheartening circumstance, and my heart goes out to all of the persons affected. I’m unable to begin to understand the scope of such a tragedy.

As many of you know the preliminary hearings for the trial commenced this past Monday. It was streaming live on the cable news channels by way of cell phone technology. My mind was staggered when I realized that everyone who owns a cell phone possesses the technology to simulcast. What pains me is the content that’s being transmitted.

The equipment setup included: an HD video camera and a LiveU backpack which houses a transmitter that broadcasts content via a wireless public network to broadcast microwave trucks waiting outside.

Although there were a few sporadic breaks in signal, its picture was HD, and it was broadcasting live over the globe. And why were there breaks in signal? Because people were crowding the infrastructure with tweets and texts related to the trial.

How easy it is to spread information.


Unfortunately the evolution of our technology exposes devolution. Such is seen in the dozens of Colorado shooter fan pages that have popped up — reported by CNN. As this example of the first amendment produces much controversy, it presents a situation unimaginable until now. Facebook has yet to pull down sites, because none have elicited violence.

I’m deeply disappointed this barbaric series of events tainted what was supposed to be a harmless event – a movie premier. What was at first the anticipation of a blockbuster became a jarring shift of focus. And the weight of the news was enough to disorient the world.