In case you haven’t been paying attention, Breaking Bad is kind of a big deal. This truly compelling show came in with a bang, demanding viewers’ attention from the first sequence. And with the series finale airing this Sunday, it’s kinda hard to think about anything else.

Since its start in 2009, the show’s characters have continuously evolved (devolved, perhaps?) into deeply complex characters — characters that the viewership as a whole will sorely miss.

So, what’s in store for everyone once this show is over?

1. Better Call Saul

The prequel spinoff that will focus on Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, Walt’s crooked lawyer, will air on AMC with Vince Gilligan as its head writer. It’ll show that before Walt had his descent into disgrace, Saul had his.

2. Vince Gilligan lands yet another gig.

That’s right. It has just been announced that CBS has bought Vince Gilligan’s script to Battle Creek — a crime drama about two detectives from Battle Creek, Michigan (one who is idealistic, another who is a jaded cynic) who must deal with a corrupt FBI agent.

The creator and head writer of Breaking Bad is no stranger to broadcast television though, having once been a writer of the hit FOX show The X-Files.

3. Betsy Brandt’s Stars in a New Show that Airs Tonight!

Yup. You know her as Hank’s purple-wearing wife, Marie. She plays Michael J. Fox’s wife on “The Michael J. Fox Show.” I cannot tell you how excited for Fox’s return to television. The show looks hilarious, heartwarming and edgy, considering Fox’s character has Parkinson’s too.