Vinten Fusion FH-145/FH-100 Robotic Head and Pedastel System USED


Up for sale is a USED Vinten Radamec FH-100 Robotic Head with FP-145 Pedastel System USED but 100% working can be used manually as well.

Maximum Payload is 125lbs.



3 FH-100  Pan and Tilt heads

3 FP-145 Pedastels

3 FH100 heads (spare)

1 joystick controller

6 HD-VRC Master Nodes


Vinten does not support these any more and this is really intented for someone that wants to use them manually or has a similar system and wants spares.


Vinten Radamec, a Vitec Group brand, is offering a new robotic package that easily attaches to an existing manual pedestal, such as the Vinten Osprey Elite, avoiding the expense of a replacement system. The package combines the Fusion FH100 robotic and manual head with the Fusion FBH175 bolt-on height drive, adding the benefits of robotic functions at an affordable price.

The Vinten Radamec control system also allows all of the shots and pedestal movements for every show to be prestored and accurately executed from the GUI by a single operator.

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs


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