Sony HXC-100 with HXCU-100 HKCU-FP1 Panel, and HDVF200 USED

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Sony HXC-100 2/3″ HD Studio Triax Video Camera System

Sony HXCU-100 Camera Control System

Sony HXCU-FP1 Front Panel Control Panel (UPGRADE)

Sony HDVF-200 2.0 ENG Viewfinder


The Sony HXC-100K is a multiformat camera system designed for digital triax. The camera comes equipped with a sophisticated array of features, creating high quality images for a variety of live broadcast scenarios. A handy focus-assist function combined with remote control capability provide the highest level of operation available for event coverage, sports as well as numerous other broadcast applications.

The HXC-100 features 1920 x 1080 2/3″ CCDs which offer exceptional sensitivity and an astonishingly high signal-to-noise ratio.
14-bit Digital Signal Processor
The analog-to-digital conversion process is handled by a high-performance 14-bit digital signal processor; ensuring video signals are at the highest fidelity. Additionally the DSP incorporates “Auto Lens Aberration Compensation” to lessen the effects of chromatic aberration issues.
Digital Triax Operation
Whether out in the field or in the studio, digital Triax systems provide durable operation in virtually any broadcast environment. The HXC-100 integrates well into any existing digital Triax setup. Most notably is the ability to run cables up to 3937′ (1200 m) without a problem.
Easy System Control
The camera is fully integrated with Sony’s HXCU-100 camera control unit, making it quick and easy to handle the remotely.
Robust Frame
Built to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, the HXC-100 is “ready for prime time” with its magnesium-alloy casted body.
HyperGamma is a set of transfer functions which enable exceptionally high contrast handling. This provides a simple way for camera operators to make maximum use of the sensors wide dynamic range.

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Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 24 × 22 in


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