Sony HDVF-C30WR 2.7″ HD Color Viewfinder Used

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Sony HDVF-C30WR 2.7″ HD Color ENG Viewfinder fits all sorts of Sony HD and 4K Cameras and Camcorders. We tested on HDC-4300, HDC-3300R, PXW-Z450, HSC-100, HXC-100 PMW-F55, F35, F23, etc. May work on others as well. Please check with Sony. Cost over $12995 New


Sony HDVFC30WR Overview

With its high levels of color accuracy and versatility, Sony’s HDVF-C30WR 2.7″ Color Viewfinder makes a fitting companion to the CineAlta professional camcorders for which it was designed. Also compatible with Sony’s PDW-F800 and HDC-3300R cameras, this viewfinder uses an advanced image processor to combine enhanced focus-assist features with improved luminance and a selectable color temperature (5600K/6500K/9300K). The HDVF-C30WR provides the precise focusing and natural color reproduction needed for professional applications such as moviemaking, TV, and commercial production.

2.7″ Color LCD
Large 2.7″ 16:9 quarter HD (960 RGB x 540) color LCD.
LCD Panel Protection Mechanism
Suppresses sun-beam burnout of the LCD panel, delivering superior durability.
Natural Peaking Function
Allows focusing with sharper peaking in a life-like image.
Color Peaking function
A newly developed function which shows the shooting object’s focused area in actual colors.
S-LOG Gamma Support
S-LOG mode can be set by simply touching a switch.
Color Space Matching with the F35/F23
The HDVF-C30WR can be set to the camera’s color space setting automatically or manually.
Detachable Eye-Piece
Allows users to view the LCD directly.
Dot-by-dot Picture Magnification
Gives six-selectable areas, keeping a high resolution even in the magnified image.
Luminance Level Indicator
Allows the user to check the luminance level of a signal. Individual designated signal levels (from 0% to 105%, in 10% increments) can be easily monitored in color.


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