Sony 512GB AXS Memory A-Series Card USED


Sony 512GB AXS Memory cards available.

We have some left over from a project we did with our in house Sony Venice there 6 cards available with very little miles on them.

Regular price is $2500 ea. Save $$$

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Capture demanding 4K and 2K 16-bit linear raw video using the 512GB AXS Memory A-Series Card from Sony. This card has a capacity of 512GB, delivers write speeds of 4.8 Gb/s, and is also able to capture High Frame Rate (HFR) video up to 120 fps in 4K and up to 240 fps in 2K.

Sony’s AXS Memory A-Series Card is designed for use with their CineAlta Venice, PMW-F55, CineAlta PMW-F5, PXW-FS7, and NEX-FS700 cameras, plus their AXS-R7 4K Portable Memory Recorder, AXS-R5 2K / 4K Raw Recorder, and AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 AXS Memory Card Reader using the AXS Memory Card Adapter.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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