RTI Pro Line TC4100 Betaca, SP Tape Evaluator Refurbished


RTI Tape Check TC4100 Fully rebuilt with a 1 year warranty. Cleaning Tissues are a necessity when using this unit and are available separately. This machine is very heavy and we have to charge shipping.


PROLINE 4100 Betacam Detector/Cleaner
Cleans – Polishes – Identifies Damage
The TapeChek ProLine 4100 Betacam Detector/Cleaner is designed to meet the needs of broadcasters and other professional Betacam users. Because the machine will accommodate both the standard and large sizes, all cassettes for EFP, ENG, LMS, and production VTRs can be recycled with this single machine.
Loose oxide, dust and dirt on the tape causes distracting dropouts in both video and audio…and leads to shorter tape life. AFTER TAPECHEK:
Videotape is cleaned and polished to “like-new” condition. With TapeChek, you can maintain the quality of your tapes for years to come.
* RECYCLES – The tape cleaning module utilizes three vacuum-assisted wiping tissues that effectively remove loose oxide and dirt from the tape surface before and after polishing. Precision dual sapphire burnishers polish the recording surface, eliminate “snowplow” debris, and improve head-to tape contact in your recorders. Temporary dropouts are virtually eliminated.
* FINDS TAPE DAMAGE – An accurate CCD Line Array Detector incorporates over twenty times more sensors than conventional detectors. They scan the tape edge to edge at over 3,000 times per second. They reliably locate edge damage, wrinkles, creases, cinches, and edge stretches. They evaluate blank or recorded tapes without affecting any of the recorded material. Tape information displays provide four reports of defect data and tape length, as well as machine diagnostics and setup information. An optional built-in printer provides comprehensive printed reports of tape condition and locations of physical tape damage.
* FAST – The ProLine 4100 operates at 25 times NTSC speed. It cleans, evaluates, erases and rewinds a one hour Betacam cassette in as little as 2 * minutes
* FULLY AUTOMATIC – Insert either size cassette into the motorized loader, and the ProLine 4100 will automatically sense the cassette size, hub size, and metal or oxide tape. The automatic cleaning-evaluation cycle starts at the push of a button. Microprocessor electronics control all loading and transport functions for safe, gentle tape handling. The machine needs no operator attention from start to finish.
* PAYS FOR ITSELF – The cost-effective ProLine 4100 can save you thousands of dollars by recycling expensive professional Betacam format tapes.
* ERASER – An optional erase module provides complete full width erasure of recorded signal from Betacam oxide, Betacam SP, SX and Digital Betacam tapes when selected. This erasure is better than most bulk degaussers.
* PRINTER – A built-in, quiet, fast printer is controlled by internal software which provides hard copy reports, prints defect counts, and graphically records defect locations.
Media Processed:
* Betacam SP
* Betacam SX
* Digital Betacam
* CASSETTE SIZES – automatically senses standard or large size Betacam SP, Betacam SX, and Digital Betacam cassettes.
* DETECTION SYSTEM – CCD based defect detection system. Multiple detector elements scan the tape virtually edge to edge at over 3,000 times per second. Reliably locates transverse wrinkles, creases, edge damage, and longitudinal creases. Does not affect recorded signals.
* CLEANING SYSTEM – Three vacuum-assisted cleaning modules (two on the recording side and one on the back side) use specially formulated wiping tissues that safely remove all loose oxide particles and dust from tape surfaces before and after polishing.
* BURNISHING SYSTEM – Dual precision sapphire burnishing posts polish the tape’s recording surface in both forward and rewind directions.
* ELECTRONICS – All solid-state circuitry, including microprocessor based “smart” transport control system. Electronic sensors continuously monitor tape speed and tension to ensure gentle tape handling.
* DIAGNOSTICS – Monitors status of tape transport and detection systems and provides front panel diagnostic displays.


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