Newtek Tricaster 460


Newtek Tricaster 460 ADVANCED Edition Based HD Flightpack Make Offer

Includes the following:

Newtek Tricaster 460 ADVANCED Edition Production Switcher Kit (15ch 4 M/E)
Newtek Control Surface
Advanced Edition Software (Expands switching capabilities, Real Time Data driven graphics, advanced layering, Dante network integration, expanded auto ops, enhanced User interface, Live stream to multiple sites)
Virtual Set Editor for Tricaster
Standalone LIVE TEXT for Tricaster
2 Hard drives installed in the Tricaser w/ VSE dongle
4 Camera Roccosoft Control System for PTZ Cameras for Tricaster
2 24” Flat Screen Monitors with Travel Cases
Tricaster 460 ADVANCED Edition Keyboard and mouse
Travel case for Tricaster
Travel Case for Control Surface
Logitech Stereo Speakers
Novation Launchpad w/Cover
4 Headsets
4 Tally Lights
Cables, cases, cable reels, software, OE boxes, etc

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“NewTek TriCaster 460 Multi-Camera Production System
The Newtek TriCaster 460 is a van-friendly, 2U, multi-camera, multi-input, multi-format switcher system that allows you to simultaneously broadcast, project, stream, and record. It supports real-time, 4 M/E compositing and offers 3D and holographic virtual sets, transitions, and brand elements, and audio is adjustable for all input sources.
Built-in IsoCorder technology allows recording up to four isolated, simultaneous feeds during live production. You can instantly publish content to popular social media sites, upload to FTP sites, transfer to storage volumes/network locations, share clips and stills during production, or upload your entire show within minutes after production wraps. Custom memory presets and key commands allow you to streamline sophisticated operation sequences that are too complex for real-time action execution.
An advanced control interface is built into the system, and a compatible control surface can optionally be purchased and incorporated. Two sets of keys are included for unlocking the unit from the front.

The Newtek TriCaster 460 Control Surface, part of the complete TriCaster 460 solution, lets you maintain a small production footprint without sacrificing manual control. With an intuitive layout, familiar live production controls, and compact frame, the TriCaster 460 Control Surface is suitable for mobile production or tight spaces.
Intuitive layout, suitable for both TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410, mapped directly to the user interface for maximum interaction
Full-featured workflow for optimal live production performance
Illuminated buttons for heightened visibility of control surface activity under any environmental lighting conditions
Premium T-Bar and 3-axis joystick for precision control of effects, zooms, and transitions
Seamless, simultaneous changeover of multiple production elements with versatile, multi-select delegate controls
Durable, ergonomic design for confident, comfortable performance
TriCaster 460 Control Surface is also backward compatible with TriCaster 455, 450 EXTREME, and 450 models

Expand the capabilities of your TriCaster 460 switcher with NewTek’s TriCaster Advanced Edition Software. Because the Advanced Edition is only a software update, the physical setup of your switcher does not change, however the capabilities of the very same hardware are expanded. With the updated software, NewTek also refreshed the user interface with a clean, understated appearance.
The Advanced Edition software enhances the graphics integration capabilities of TriCaster switchers. It enables data driven graphics with real-time updates, and advanced 3D implementation of layers of video, graphics, or text that behave like elements in the scene. Virtual inputs are also added for taking video sources over a network using the Dante protocol. Dante also provides network tally information for connected systems. You can also grab source material from the web, stream to multiple providers, and publish content to social media sites directly from your TriCaster 460.”

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