Hitachi Z-HD5000 HDTV Camera Fiber Optic Studio Package (No Lens)


Hitachi Studio Camera
Fiber back
Studio VF
New open box full warranty

No lens
No controls
No fiber cable

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The Z-HD5000 is Hitachi’s most economical, high-performance Studio and Field HDTV production camera. This is a proven, full featured production camera that uses 3) high-resolution, low noise 2/3inch, IT-CCDs. Its lightweight, two-piece dockable camera body offers maximum re-configuration ability. A compact digital fiber transmission system or Hitachi’s patented digital Triax enables smaller production facilities to lower their overall system costs.

Features & Functions

High Dynamic Range capability with multiple HDR profiles
800 TVL of resolution
F10 standard sensitivity
58dB HDTV Signal to Noise ratio
16-bit analog to digital conversion
High-performance Hitachi DSPs.
High quality SDTV output down-converted at the CCU.
Flawless signal transmission using Digital Optical Fiber cable
Optional Hitachi-patented Fully Digital Triax System.
The camera system can operate directly with SM fiber installations.
Optional CCU’s available with 1080i/720P HD-SDI switchable outputs.
CCU HD-SDI outputs with embedded audio (2-channel)
Standard, remote RU-1000 rotary knob for iris/master black control.
Choice of 6 different optional remote operation panels.
Compatible with Canon and Fujinon Auto-Focus lenses.
SD memory card system for offline storage & transfer of all setup data.
4 input VF return signal switching system.
2 intercom channels compatible with Clear-com and RTS, 4w/2w
2 independent program returns (IFB’s) w/ intercom mix.
Optional Master Setup Unit SU-1000.
Optional half-rack CU-HD1000

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 18 × 18 in


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