Grass Valley LDX-86 WorldCam HD Studio Camera System USED

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This is a 4 camera set Grass Valley LDX-86 Worldcam HD Camera system Includes:

4 LDX-86 Cameras

4 XF UNIVERSE Fiber Adapters

4 XCU UNIVERSE XF Basestations

4 LDK 5302 ENG VF

4 LDK 5307 Studio LCD VF

4 OCP-400 Remote Control Panels

with Flight cases These are HD Cameras but can be upgraded by the factory to 4K for a cost.


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  • The LDX 86 Series is the first camera family to have both a spatial and temporal upgrade path, culminating in the LDX 86 Universe for switchable 1X/3X/6X HD, 1X/3X 3G and 1X 4K
  • The LDX 86 WorldCam lets you buy HD/3G acquisition today, and upgrade to 4K and high-speed acquisition when you need to, either for 7-days or with a perpetual license
  • The LDX 86 4K and LDX 86 Universe are specifically designed for live broadcast UHD/4K, especially sports productions, where the use of traditional B4 mount HD lenses instead of PL lenses enhances the producer’s and director’s ability to tell compelling and engaging stories, without any loss of sensitivity
  • The LDX 86 4K and LDK 86 Universe camera systems offers the highest sensitivity and dynamic range performance of all currently available 4K cameras
  • The LDX 86 Series cameras are the first cameras offering an upgrade to true 15 F-stop HDR operation for live applications
  • The LDX 86 Series now delivers wide color gamut supporting the ITU-R BT.2020 standard
  • The full power of 15 F-stops of dynamic range is available from the Xensium-FT imagers in all single speed formats with a 7-days or with a perpetual HDR GV-eLicense. This makes the LDX 86 Series the first HDR acquisition solution available for even the most challenging live applications
  • LDX 86 4K and LDX 86 Universe cameras are fully integrated with all the LDX 80 Series, LDX 82 Series and LDX 86 Series of cameras, so they share the same camera accessories and use the same camera control system, including full support with the C2IP for the best possible integration into external control systems
  • Unique cradle connectivity to support dockable XCU (eXchangeable control unit)
  • Built-in memory in XCU cradle stores settings
  • Standard HD outputs for monitoring or any full performance live usage
  • Extensive (analog/digital) audio connectivity
  • Embedded audio
  • Compact (2 RU), robust base station

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