Fujinon ZA17x7.6BERD-S6 ENG Lens with Servo for Focus and Zoom

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We have 2 of these 17x Fujinon ZA17x7.6BERD-S6 they are brand new and came with a camcorder as part of a package. Client needed wide angle lenses so these are for sale.
Dual Servo motors
2x extender
Internal Focus
Over 14k New

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The ZA17x7.6BERD-S6 ENG Lens with Servo for Focus and Zoom is a 7.6-130mm lens, designed to provide 2/3″ cameras with a wide to telephoto angle-of-view. The lens has a zoom ratio of 17x, and a 2x extender effectively doubles the focal range. The maximum aperture is a fast f/1.8 at 7.6-102mm and stops down to f/2.3 at 130mm. The lens also includes a digital servo for focus and zoom, which enables full studio control via RS-232.

Innerfocus minimizes the effects of lens breathing, which ensures a more consistent angle-of-view when making focus adjustments. QuickZoom improves zoom speed to 0.7 seconds end to end. With the push of a button, QuickZoom facilitates a rapid shift to the telephoto end to check focus. Releasing the button automatically returns the lens to the previously selected focal length. The Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis (FIND) system aids in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting by evaluating electronic and mechanical parameters.

7.6-130mm wide to telephoto zoom lens for 2/3″ cameras
17x zoom ratio and 2x extender
Fast f/1.8 max aperture at 7.6-102mm and f/2.3 at 130mm
Digital servo for focus and zoom and full studio control via RS-232
Innerfocus, QuickZoom, and Zoom Limit
Focused Intelligent Network Diagnosis

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 11 in


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