Fujinon UA24X7.8BERD-S6 UHD 4K 24x ENG Zoom Demo LIke New

Original price was: $42,000.00.Current price is: $22,500.00.

Fujinon 24x 4K 2/3″ B4 Mount Zoom lens

Servo Focus Motor

Servo Zoom Motor

Servo Iris

2x Range extender

4K lens over $42k for a new one


Steal this one for less than half


Fujinon UA24X7.8 Overview

The UA24X7.8BERD UHD 4K 24x ENG Zoom from Fujinon is a 7.8 to 187mm zoom lens offering 4K capture in a lightweight, compact form. This wide-to-telephoto 24x zoom doubles to 48x or 15.6 to 374mm when you engage its built-in 2x extender. The maximum aperture is a fast f/1.8 from 7.8 to 118mm and ramps to f/2.8 through 187mm. The digital-servo UA24X7.8BERD features a well-balanced design for handheld use, 16-bit encoding for virtual system use, and a nine-blade aperture for smooth, natural bokeh.

Zoom features include a zoom limit with an override switch, selectable zoom modes, a zoom speed cruise feature, and an adjustable maximum speed limit. The QuickZoom return feature improves zoom speed to 0.7 seconds end-to-end for speedy focus checks. The Quick Frame feature enables manual zooming without disengaging the lock. The 4K Premier series UA24X7.8BERD zoom also offers anti-backlash gearing for precise servo control and serial digital control of focus, iris, and zoom.


7.8 to 187mm ultra-wide to telephoto lens for 2/3″ cameras

15.6 to 374mm range with included 2.2x extender

24x zoom ratio

Fast f/1.8 max aperture from 7.8 to 118mm and f/2.8 at 187mm

4K optical performance in a compact, lightweight design

Nine-blade aperture produces natural-looking bokeh


16-bit encoding for virtual system use

QuickZoom 0.7 second return check

Selectable zoom modes for sports, drama, etc.

Zoom limit with override switch

Zoom speed “cruise” feature

Adjustable maximum zoom-speed limit

Anti-backlash gearing for precise servo control

Quick Frame enables manual zooming without the need to disengage the zoom lock

Serial digital remote control of focus, iris, and zoom

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 11 in


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