Fujinon ACM-17 JVC 1/3″ to Sony B4 2/3″ HD Lens Mount – for JVC HDV 1/3″ Chi

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This is a USED Fujinon 1/3″ to 2/3″ lens adapter. Makes any 1/3″ Camera or Camcorder accept a 2/3″ B4 Bayonet mount lens. Great asset to take in your camera bag.

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Fujinon ACM-17 Overview
The Fujinon ACM-17 is a lens adapter for JVC HDV 1/3″ camcorders. This adapter allows the JVC camcorders to utilize high quality 2/3″ HD Fujinon lenses using the Sony B4 mount.

This adapter will work with JVC HDV camcorders such as the GY-HD100/101/110/20/201/250/251.
Broadcast Lenses
Broadcast lenses used with 2/3″ HD cameras feature optics and image depth that is at a much higher quality than lenses designed for 1/3″ camcorders. The upgrade in lens quality will upgrade the image to levels unprecedented in the 1/3″ chip realm.

Additional information

Weight .45 lbs
Dimensions 3.7 × 3.4 × 3.3 in


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