For.A HVS-600HS 1M/E HANABI HD/SD Portable Digital Video Switcher USED

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For-A HVS-DualLink HD/SD Dual Link Video Switcher w/Control Panel Used

This is a great opportunity to use a real video switcher and not those Blackmagic Toys for very little investment


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The HVS-600HS 1M/E HANABI HD/SD Portable Digital Video Switcher from For.A is a high-performance broadcast-quality switcher designed to combine extensive functionality and scalability in a compact and economical solution. This unit serves as the foundation for a fully customizable system that can be built out or scaled to match your changing needs. Rather than include multiple features inputs/outputs that oftentimes go unused, For.A designed this unit as a solid base solution with the option to expand the system at will by adding new cards and other functional upgrades.

It includes both digital and analog input and output boards, which can be configured to meet your exact needs. More than (21) different configurations with several hundred variations of input-output signalization are possible. The unit supports most HD and SD formats and is switchable between HD and SD video by simply reinitializing the mode setup. This model also offers an event memory that can store up to (100) event and setting conditions, which can be assigned to (8) user buttons.

In addition to mix transitions, the unit also includes more than 100 other preset wipe patterns. A picture-in-picture function allows for building composites with up to (2) reduced-size screens without using DVEs. Up to (2) graphic images can be stored on the unit’s internal memory for use as logos or other background images. USB memory can also be connected to the switcher to import additional images.

Other features include DSK with chroma-key function and freely assignable DSK. A vertical, horizontal, or diagonal gradation matte can be assigned to backgrounds, wipe borders, and key mattes. Moreover, both input and offset levels can be independently adjusted to enable easy color correction and color matching with on-site work using multiple cameras. Finally, the unit’s small footprint makes it a highly mobile solution that is easy to store and transport without sacrificing the power and functions your work requires.

Modular SD/HD Switcher
This unit is capable of switching both SD and HD feeds and the unit’s functionality can be expanded and scaled by use of optional add-on cards and upgrades.

Settings Memory
Event memory can store up to (100) event and setting conditions that can be assigned to (8) user buttons.

Input-output configurations on this unit can be customized to meet the exact needs of your setup.

Advanced Processing
Features such as assignable DSK, multiple transition effects, and offset input-output levels, among many others, give your more control and flexibility in the management of your feeds.

Small Footprint
Despite its full feature set, the unit is housed in a small chassis that makes it easy to store and transport for mobile work.

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Weight 60 lbs

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