Canon UHD 4K 2/3″ Lens with 2x Extender CJ18ex28BIASE S



Canon CJ18EX28B IASE S

  • 4K Optical Performance
  • Super-Telephoto Shooting up to 1000mm
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • BT.2020 and HRD/WCG Support
  • HD Demand Compatibility
  • Advanced Digital Drive Unit
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The portable CJ18ex28B is an important 4K UHD telephoto zoom lens that is part of our 2/3-inch UHDgc series. Its compact size, low weight and super-telephoto capability support the high mobility shooting often entailed in documentary, nature and many other genres of television field production. For those seeking a new lens for contemporary HDTV production – while also anticipating a future shift to 4K production – this lens enhances current HDTV optical imaging performance while potentially future-proofing for the longer term.

The 18x zoom ratio supports a focal length range of 28 – 500mm (56 – 1000mm with the built-in 2x extender). 4K resolution is maintained over this total focal range and across the 16:9 image plane. Design strategies have extended the optical dynamic range to meet contemporary HDR imaging requirements. The lens also supports the wider color gamut specified in the international standard ITU-R BT.2020.

An advanced digital drive unit deploying 16-bit encoders is fully compatible with the zoom, focus and iris controllers used with established broadcast 2/3-inch HDTV cameras. Three 20-pin connectors on the drive unit interface with these controllers (such as ZSD-300D and FPD-400D) while also providing a 16-bit interface to virtual systems. The unit empowers a variety of operational capabilities that are set up using the on-board display.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 11 in


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