Canon HJ24EX7.5B IRSE S 2/3″ Hi-Def ENG/EFP Zoom Lens with Semi Servo Control

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Like New Canon 24x HD Lens with Servo Zoom and 2x. Includes Original Box, Sunshade and both Caps.
Key Features
  • 7.5 to 180mm Lens for 2/3″ Cameras
  • 24x Zoom Ratio
  • No Encoder Initialization Required
  • Manual Focus Control
  • Servo Zoom Control
  • Servo Iris Control
  • Shuttle Shot
  • Frame Preset
  • Speed Preset
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The Canon HJ24EX7.5B IRSE S 2/3″ Hi-Def ENG/EFP Zoom Lens with Semi Servo Control offers a wide-angle view with an extremely long zoom ratio for an ENG/EFP-type lens. Designed for 2/3″ format 3-chip ENG/EFP cameras the lens features manual focus control with servo zoom and iris. The lens incorporates a B4 mount, standard for ENG/EFP lenses, and features a built-in 2x extender for a zoom range of 15 to 360mm.

The lens incorporates Canon’s fourth generation digital drive unit and uses three 20-pin connectors for remotely controlling the servo functions of the lens and providing metadata. The digital encoder does not require an initialization process to provide high-precision encoding information for composing virtual and live-action images. The lens incorporates well known Canon features including Shuttle Shot, Frame Preset, and Speed Preset.


Breakdown of Canon Lens Name

  • HJ – ENG/EFP Portable Lens
  • 24EX – 24x Zoom Ratio
  • 7.5 – 180mm Focal length at wide end
  • B – Optical adjustment for cameras with prism
  • I – Built-in extender
  • R – Servo zoom, manual focus
  • S – Servo iris
  • E – Digital drive with rotary encoder
  • S – 4th generation digital drive

Digital Drive Unit

The encoder supports communication with compatible 2/3″ HDTV cameras equipped with aberration correction functionality, without initializing the lens. Three 20-pin connectors enable high-definition lens metadata output for virtual systems even during full-servo operation.

Visual Effects Applications

Canon’s high-performance encoder provides extremely high-precision output, which simplifies calibration when composing virtual and live-action images, thus resulting in more accurate composites.

Shuttle Shot

By memorizing any two focal lengths, the Canon drive unit can automatically “shuttle” between two points, moving in either direction. As an example, this function is effective for shots in which an operator wants to start from a wide angle and then zoom in rapidly on to an object.

Framing Preset

An angle of view can be preset in either of two memories and the lens will zoom at the highest speed, or in a preset zoom speed, to the preset position with the push of a simple button. As an example, this function is effective for situations such as interview programs, where it is necessary to switch between bust shot and wide shot.

Speed Preset

A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory making it possible to repeat the zoom speed as often as you like with the push of a simple button. Using a preset speed when zooming in and zooming out contributes to stable images, particularly with slow zooms.

Additional information

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 10 in


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