Which Device Is Better for Video Recording?
Customarily, cameras are specially designed for capturing still images or taking videos. But they are not excellent at both. But times are constantly changing. DSLRs can capture videos but it does not have autofocus. Nowadays, most videographers, even the professional ones are using DSLRs in shooting videos. Are they really much better than camcorders? Usually, it will depend on your own personal preference. Sometimes you can’t even tell if a video is recorded by a camera or a camcorder.

Today, cameras and camcorders include advanced features that allow us to capture captivating videos. Cameras are now capable of taking incredible videos. Consequently, camcorders can likewise capture stunning photos. Due to these unique features, determining which is the best option can be difficult. Here, we will help you decide which is better for capturing videos. Whether it’s a camera or a camcorder, we will give you a comparison of each when it comes to its functionality and performance.

Capturing Videos Using Modern Cameras

A camera is an excellent option since it can take beautiful pictures and capture stunning videos as well. The video recording capabilities of cameras have greatly improved. Typically, a DSLR is mainly designed for photography. But nowadays, most DSLR cameras come with full HD video recording. You can either choose a 720p camera or a 1080p camera. This means that camcorders won’t be used more often anymore.

Another innovative option is mirrorless cameras. This is a great choice if you are looking for a more compact and lighter camera. Still, it provides similar benefits as DSLR cameras. DSLR and mirrorless cameras can generate high-quality videos in low light compared to camcorders. This is because they have bigger sensors. Having a bigger sensor is an advantage if you are capturing videos or taking pictures in low light.

Capturing Videos Using Modern Cameras

Aside from the high video quality, another important factor to consider is storage. In most cases, cameras will store the recorded videos in memory cards. On the other hand, most camcorders come with internal hard drives where recorded HD videos can be stored. Because of this, the limited storage of cameras can be a problem. However, you have the option to buy extra memory cards which you can replace in case there is no more space. Or you can simply purchase a camera with more storage.

Ultimately, you should also check the lenses of your camera and make sure that they are capable of recording videos. Some lenses of older DSLR cameras are not capable of recording videos. Also, the sound quality could be another issue, since this is not something that cameras specialize in. Although most cameras include an internal microphone, this is not enough. The good news is, it can be easily resolved by purchasing an external microphone. Keep in mind that this can be an additional load on your camera bag.

Using Camcorders for Video Recording

If your main objective is to shoot a video, then the best options are camcorders or compact video cameras. This is because they are specifically intended for recording videos. There are a lot of advantages if you use camcorders for capturing videos. One of its greatest advantage is that it is very comfortable to use. Aside from this, it also includes a strap. Most camcorders include software that can stabilize your video recording. This is very helpful if you have extremely shaky hands.
Some camcorders can be tilted and swiveled. This gives you the opportunity to capture that perfect shot. In most cases, this is one of the greatest features that a camera does not have. Camcorders are also capable of generating high-quality videos, from high definition to ultra-high definition. They come with calibrated zoom lenses that have the ability to zoom excellently. With its more advanced autofocus systems, camcorders can focus well.

Typically, camcorders come with built-in microphones that can record sounds effectively. They have powerful audio inputs that are not found in cameras. Low light video recording can be very challenging with camcorders since most of them have smaller sensors compared to cameras. The best solution would be to choose high-end camcorders that include larger sensors. Camcorders also have the ability to capture stills, although this is not their specialty.

Using Camcorders for Video Recording

Which is Better?

Camcorders are the typical choice due to its numerous benefits including its longer recording times, comfortable ergonomics, and good sound quality. However, cameras also have a number of benefits such as having a larger sensor and lower costs compared to camcorders.

So, which is better for capturing videos, a camera or a camcorder? Well, it depends on your personal preference. Most professional videographers would use cameras since they have larger sensors and they can easily create out-of-focus backgrounds. They have a reasonable price including its audio accessories. DSLRs are the best choice if you want to capture high-quality short videos and combine them together by using a video editing software.

On the other hand, camcorders are easier and more comfortable to use. It also provides long recording times which is great if you are shooting a full concert or an entire football game. With cameras, you can only record shorter videos which are about 30 minutes. But most often, it will vary depending on its model and the quality of its recording.

Aside from your personal preference, your choice will also depend on your shooting style. Before purchasing your device, you have to check its specs and customer reviews. Examine some of the important factors such as battery life, recording time, resolution, ports, and the frame rate.

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