Are you planning to build a home studio? It may seem complicated and difficult at first, but no need to worry. In this article, we will share a list of essential studio equipment that you will need when building a home studio. Make sure to check out this list so you will learn about the kind of equipment that you will need so you will not be having a hard time when you decide to build a basic home studio.

What kind of essential studio equipment will you need as a beginner?

1. Computer – A computer or laptop is one of the most basic and important pieces of equipment that you will need in a home studio. The computer can be either an Apple or a PC. Apple computers are usually more stable because the hardware is strictly controlled, but can be quite expensive. On the other hand, PCs are cheaper and are easily customizable.

What Kind of Essential Studio Equipment Do You Need As A Beginner?
The computer that you will be using for the home studio must have large storage and a fast processor so you will be able to work easier and faster. A powerful computer is needed so it will be capable of running heavy software which is normally used for music production.

2. DAW or Digital audio workstation software – This is a type of music software that can be installed on the computer and it is an important part of the home studio. It will be able to record, edit, and mix the music tracks. There are a lot of DAWs in the market and their prices vary from one brand to another, you must choose which one will work best for you.

For beginners, it is best to use a DAW that is easy to use and understand. There are DAWs that offer a free trial for a limited version and this is a perfect opportunity for you to try it out if you are interested in the product. There are entry-level DAW variations that come with an audio interface, this can be a great option if you want to save some money and this will give you an assurance that they will work and are perfectly compatible with each other.

DAWs are important and music productions will not be able to work if you don’t have a trusty DAW. You will be able to work on tracks using digital audio workstation software. You can put sound effects in your production, use sound templates, edit the tempo or pitch of the audio, and use different virtual instruments.

3. Audio Interface – This is an important tool that must be included in your home studio equipment setup. This equipment is used to record the audio into the software on the computer. It will also serve as a platform that will send the audio out of the computer through the use of the monitors and headphones. The audio interface comes in different sizes and shapes and the model or brand that you will choose must depend on what you will be recording and producing. You can get one with at least two channels so it can be used with a microphone and the other channel can be used as an instrument output. The more channels the better, but make sure to get one that fits your budget accordingly.

4. Headphones – Headphones are important during the production process. You should choose closed-back headphones; the outer part of the headphone cups is designed with a hard enclosure. This type of headphone is created to isolate you from the surroundings and it can be used to record tracks because they prevent noise from the monitor signal.


5. Microphone – There are different types of microphones available. For a home studio, you can use a condenser microphone which is used for recording vocals; it is quite sensitive and offers a wide range of frequencies. This type of microphone has lower feedback and it can be used to handle musical instruments and various sounds.

If you will be recording loud music and sound sources without the need for using high frequencies, a dynamic microphone will be useful for you. You can check which type of microphone will work best for you because the sound quality will vary depending on what type you will be using.

6. Studio Monitors – Studio monitors are important pieces of studio equipment that you will need so you can accurately hear what recording you are creating. Studio monitors are different from the speakers plugged into your computer or the surround sound systems that you have in your home theater. If you want to accurately portray the music you have recorded, you must use a powered studio monitor. If you need one, check out Enhanced View Services. We can help you find one that fits your budget.

7. Pop Filter – A pop filter is an accessory that you can use with your microphone. This accessory serves as a noise protection filter for your microphone. This equipment is useful and worth investing because it eliminates the popping sounds that occur when there is fast-moving air on the microphone. The pop filter also prevents moisture from entering the microphone, which goes a long way in preserving your equipment and help make it last longer.

8. Microphone Stand – A mic stand should be flexible enough so you can adjust it and position it properly. You must check the mic stand’s durability, stability, and whether it can withstand long-term use. You must also check the quality and whether if it is heavy, if the mic stand is heavy, you will be having a hard time moving and adjusting it in your home studio.

9. Cables – You will be needing a few cables for your home studio. You can get 3 analog cables for your microphone and studio monitors. You will need an XLR, TRS, and TS. XLR is the cable used for transmitting sound from the microphone to the audio interface. TRS is the part of the jack plug that connects the different conductors. TS is the cable that sends sounds from the audio interface to the studio monitors.

10. Midi Keyboard Controller – This controller is different than the usual keyboard used in computers. The midi keyboard controller does not produce any sounds. The keyboard controller will send MIDI data to the computer and will give you control over the software synthesizer plugins inside the DAW. You can play different synths from one keyboard.

Midi Keyboard Controller

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