Capturing videos on cameras and camcorders has undergone a significant overhaul recently.  From the latest advances, you can now take breathtaking videos from your cameras and capture fantastic stills from your camcorders.  You can even take HD videos from your phone.  But a video camera might still be your best bet if you want to do professional video projects.

Choosing which one to use became a whole lot more complicated!  Whether your dream is to become a Hollywood star, the next YouTube sensation, a doting parent capturing their kids’ most embarrassing moments, or you want to make money out of your video-shooting skills; you have to know which one of these will work best for you in terms of their functions and performance.

Differences in Terms of Functions


One significant improvement in video cameras is that they have bigger sensors and lenses.  They can shoot better in low-light scenes.  Because of video cameras’ bigger sensors, they deliver a shallow depth of field while maintaining the ability to focus on the foreground or background.  This gives you a more cinematic look.

Camcorders usually have small sensors and fixed zoom lenses, which are the lesser option if you need to shoot in low light conditions.


Camcorder lenses deliver a more powerful zoom than most digital or video cameras.  You want this for greater magnification.  You should be aware that older DSLR lenses are inappropriate for video.  Fortunately, you can always buy different lenses for your video camera.  Ultimately, the camcorder is still going to have the better lens.


Camcorders are specifically designed to shoot video.  What’s more, it is built to record sound. Their internal microphones are far superior to any other cameras available today. Sound isn’t something that other cameras specialize in.  You may have already noticed that your camera’s built-in microphone isn’t cutting it. But then again, it is easy to purchase an external microphone.  However, it will be an added weight to your bag.

Convenience and Portability

By today’s standards, both camcorders and video cameras are relatively portable. However, in this area, your iPhone or Android phone takes the win.  For your everyday shooting needs, like the kids doing something silly or your friend blowing out the candles on the cake, you only need to reach in your pocket for your phone and shoot.

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This is probably the main difference between camcorders and current phone and video cameras.

Digital and video cameras record to flash memory cards.  While camcorders have memory cards, they also put the video you’re shooting on internal hard drives.

The lack of storage can be a hassle if you take tons of HD videos. However, you can always bring spare memory cards to last.  But in this case, perhaps, the camcorder is your best option.


Brand new DSLR and mirrorless cameras come with a hefty price tag. The same is true for the latest models of camera phones.  You might spend a minimum of $400 or so for a decent buy. On the other hand, most camcorders can be bought for $250 or less.  Plus, there are great second-hand choices if you know where to look.

Other Functions

Unlike other cameras, camcorders are built and proven to shoot a video for long periods.  They have image stabilization, and their LCD screens can be rotated, giving shooters multiple viewing angles.

Which of them is the best? It will boil down to your needs.

For Everyday Use and Photos

Your smartphone already captures excellent stills and shoots HD videos; what else can you ask for?  On the flip side, your phone or tablet camera can take you only so far.  If you’re craving for features like optical zoom, manual focus, exposure controls, support for external microphones, and potentially limitless storage on flash media, your phone might not be enough.

Nonetheless, if you’re vlogging and fond of shooting day-to-day videos, a digital camera is an excellent choice for portability and versatility.  It is an all-around device that takes terrific photos and impressive videos.  The constant advancements in video recording capabilities and camera technology make it even more convincing to own.

On the other hand, some DSLR and mirrorless cameras may even have 4k video capability, making them great for video.

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For Serious Video Shoots

However, if your main goal is capturing videos, a video camera or camcorder is what you need.  After all, these are specifically built for taking videos.  The real deal will always be better.

If shooting high-quality videos is your main requirement, a video camera or camcorder is probably your best bet. Remember, they were particularly designed for video recording.

If you’re aiming for a more cinematic look to your video, a video camera is what you’re looking for. Professional video cameras are the best for special projects like wedding videos, documentary production, and business videos.

You can also shoot photos and stills with it.  However, they can come with a considerable price tag. Invest in one if you are looking to do professional video projects.  This is your ideal choice if you’re serious about video and film production.


A camcorder is still the best option for anything beyond your home movies. It is also more affordable and perfect for fast and easy shooting.  Additionally, it is more comfortable to hold and includes superior audio capability.

Probably the most significant benefit of a modern camcorder is its ability to fit in your hand comfortably. They don’t only come with a strap, but camcorders often feature hand-shake detection.

Typically, they include stabilization software for steady videos, especially for those with extremely shaky hands.  Most camcorders also come with a tilt-and-swivel screen to compose the perfect shot.  These features allow for the handheld ergonomics of a camcorder greater than a camera.

As mentioned before, camcorders produce exceptional video quality. These are afforded because they have built-in, specially calibrated zoom lenses and more defined autofocus (AF) systems.  Ranging from high to ultra-high definition, they zoom well and focus better.

Audio-wise, camcorders are fitted with built-in omnidirectional microphones. They usually have solid audio inputs, which are still rare in cameras.  Sometimes, they can even record surround sound.

Although not their strong feature, camcorders also have the option to capture stills. But don’t compare them with the outputs of a professional DSLR.

Perhaps, the only downside is that recording low-light videos can be complex on a camcorder. Most of the available models have smaller sensors than their camera counterparts. Because of this, you can be on the lookout for camcorder models with larger sensors.

Which One Do You Need?

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