Do you know what type of video camera you should buy? Which video camera is best for you? Here, we are going to help you understand the different categories of video cameras that are available in the market right now. First, you need to know your intended application. If you do not know what it is yet, then you can grab some of the most versatile cameras instead.

How To Choose the Best Type of Video Camera

Video cameras come in various sizes, shapes, colors, uses, and more. The question is how to choose the best one for you. When deciding what type of video camera to choose, you should think about your application and use. What type of videos do you want to shoot?

Are you going to do vlogs, short movies, interviews, family videos, travel, activities, etc.? However, it seems that the type of videos is quite broad, due to the fact that most people use their video camera for more than one application. Some people are not even sure what they really want to do, but they require a video camera to get them going.

Another thing is the amount of money that you will be spending on your video camera. Mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras could likely cost $500 or even more. While the less fancy ones such as camcorders and point-and-shoot cameras cost less which is ideal if you are looking for budget-friendly cameras.

However, you should not let the cost deter you from choosing the type of camera that you want. It is greatly recommended that you start saving up and be more patient if you need to. After all, it will be worth the wait.

Finally, it is important that you know what other gear you will be needing for your video camera. This includes cases, bags, lenses, tripods, lighting systems, camera straps, software, external microphones, etc. This is not only significant for your budget, but also for your application and use.

For instance, if you are shooting in darker conditions, then you should have some additional light no matter what type of video camera you use. If you want to do a film that involves underwater activities, then you should use a waterproof point-and-shoot or an action camera. Keep in mind that mirrorless or DSLRs should not be used near water.

DSLR Video Cameras

Nowadays, people always bring their smartphones with them wherever they go. This can help them in keeping up to date with their messages, phone calls, pictures, and videos. You can use this to document your life with pictures and upload them to your social media accounts.

But do you feel envious of other people’s YouTube or social media accounts and keep thinking about what kind of effects or filters they use for making their videos and photos look vibrant? Honestly, if you want to achieve the same enhanced look, then you should use a DSLR video camera. This digital camera is considered one of the most popular video cameras used all over the world. Depending on the model of your video camera, you could choose the standard 1080p or go all the way to a 4K video resolution.

How Do DSLR Cameras Work?

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DSLR actually stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera. Instead of using films for capturing photos and videos, DSLRs use mirror technology and an advanced digital image sensor in capturing the subject. It has a reflex design which means that the light will go through the lens, to the mirror, and finally, is deflected to the viewfinder and image sensor. The image sensor will then process this information so it can be properly recorded.

A camera that has an image sensor is advantageous since it will do the processing of information to achieve excellent quality as well as be able to control the result of your video clip. Your photos and videos will then be stored on an external memory card and will be sent to the internet via Wi-Fi or uploaded to your PC. These video cameras come with interchangeable lenses so you can customize your video clips even more.

Another advantage of a DSLR video camera is its optical viewfinder which can provide you with an exact example of the video or image as you start to record or shoot. A DSLR video camera has only one lens, so when the lens is focused on the subject, the light will be transposed to a mirror which will then reflect the video or image so you can see what it will look like after capturing them.

An added feature is when you are using your DSLR camera to take pictures, it will autofocus on the subject if you hold down the shooting button halfway. Also, with a high-speed shutter, you will be able to take photos continuously so you can capture every movement.

Mirrorless Video Camera

Most people prefer to use their smartphones when taking photos and videos since they are portable and compact. If you love to travel, then most likely you want everything you need to be light and small. You want to avoid carrying anything that can slow you down or limit your movement. A mirrorless video camera will definitely fit into this category and type. Although they might not be the smallest or the lightest, however, compared to a DSLR camera, they are a much better solution.

In contrast to a DSLR camera, a mirrorless video camera is thinner and lighter as well. This is because it does not include any additional component of a mirror for reflecting the image, as the name suggests. Without having any mirror, the image sensor will simply get light directly from the lens so the user will be able to view the subject on the screen.

Although this might be difficult to achieve if there is limited light. That is why these cameras include image stabilization and autofocus so you can get clear photos and videos.

You can capture more frames per second (fps) since these cameras include a high-speed shutter. Mirrorless video cameras come with electronic shutters so they can easily and quickly detect and see light compared to a camera with a mirror, which needs the reflection of the light before they can see the entire image. Although these cameras are lighter and smaller than DSLRs, the image quality is not sacrificed at all since they are using a more advanced sensor.

Ultimately, if you are still a beginner in the world of photography and videography, then a mirrorless camera would be ideal for you since it is designed to be user-friendly. In addition, there are different types and varieties of mirrorless cameras that are available in the market right now.

They have a reasonable price, so you won’t feel like you are breaking the bank. The drawback is they are a bit more expensive compared to DSLR cameras. However, this can be justified with its overall quality and advanced components. The viewfinder is on-screen; however, you will not directly see what is in front of you. Instead, what you will see is an already-processed image which might be difficult to achieve if there is low light.

Point-and-Shoot Video Camera

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Do you need something that is much smaller than a mirrorless video camera? A Point-and-Shoot Video Camera is even more compact. This is the perfect solution for those who require a versatile and sleek video camera. In our society today, most people would value newer things. However, don’t you miss the simplicity of basic technology? If you value simplicity more than modern features, then you should consider going back to the world of the point-and-shoot video camera.

As the name suggests, with point-and-shoot video cameras, you simply point the camera, then shoot the video or picture. You will be able to see the image or video later on. The most basic example of this is the good old classic disposable camera. While a digital video camera usually includes an LCD viewfinder which is the same as that of a mirrorless camera, providing us with an already-processed view of what you are shooting.

Perhaps the only difference is that the image has to be deflected through two various lenses. First is the image sensor, then the other lens will be responsible for displaying the image on the viewfinder. Generally, this means that you are seeing the picture or video being covered. However, this might not be the same once it is already developed.

Sports and Action Video Cameras

Are you the kind of person who is curious about the view of the world up there? The sports and action video camera is capable of capturing your entire outdoor activity. They are very portable in a unique way. You can either strap them to your helmet or any other physical object. These cameras include excellent image stabilization so clarity can still be maintained even during those challenging activities.

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