In recent years, the market for used video/audio equipment has prospered. This is made possible, mainly due to the internet. Now, you can find lots of websites that offer used gear. Just like any other choice that you will be making, deciding whether to buy used or new equipment can be complicated.

It should be completely understood since each of these alternatives has benefits and drawbacks. To help you make a decision, we will discuss some of the issues involved. Whether you choose to buy new or used equipment, it is important that you should have an enjoyable experience.

Nowadays, more people have chosen to purchase used gear. There are others who are satisfied with this choice, while there are others who are not, mainly because of mistakes that were made during the purchasing process. Perhaps the following information can give you some insights about purchasing new versus used equipment, which can help you in making the right decision.

Some people simply have a preference of their own, whether they choose to purchase new or used equipment, and they won’t change their minds, no matter what. For instance, when it comes to cars, some people have had horrifying experiences with used cars, which is why they prefer to buy new cars.

Why Do People Choose to Buy New Equipment?

Sometimes there are people who feel comfortable knowing that they are the first and the only ones who have touched the products that they have purchased. If you are the owner of the item, then you can always ensure that it has been cared for.

Other people feel satisfied that they have the latest state-of-the-art equipment. Obviously, you can always feel secure knowing that the new equipment comes with a factory warranty, and you can always receive assistance from the manufacturer and dealer when needed.

Why Do People Choose to Buy Used Equipment?

The most obvious reason for this would be its price. Oftentimes, the price of used equipment is half or two-thirds of its original price, which is great savings, provided that no issues will arise. Yet it is also important to consider that used gear comes with more risks than new, hence, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls.

Can You Trust the Source?

Of all the issues, this is the most critical one since all the other issues will be dependent on this one. Be sure that you get your video/audio equipment from a reputable supplier. On the other hand, an individual seller does not need to protect any reputation.

Hence, you will simply trust your instincts and believe that the seller is honest and knowledgeable about the equipment that they sell. On the other hand, a dealer has been in the business for many years and needs to protect its reputation, guaranteeing quality and authentic equipment.

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Most used equipment is sold by individuals. While most of these people are great, there are also some who cannot be trusted. After giving your money to the seller, it might be difficult for you to get your money back, in case you are unhappy with your purchase. Although you could try to put everything into writing including all the details of the condition and the transaction that you have made. This might help but still, there is no guarantee.

Is There a Warranty?

Always check if your purchase includes a warranty. Some manufacturers do not guarantee a transferable warranty. Hence, if any problem arises, then most likely, you will be the one paying for its repairs. Some dealers will assure you that their products will work just fine.

What Is the Condition of the Equipment?

Unless you have personally seen and inspected the product before you purchase, you will simply rely on the description of the seller. Although it would be great if there is a photo, however, it might not even be enough in detecting some problems.

Keep in mind that the condition goes beyond its actual appearance on the outside. Sometimes, you also consider the internal functions of the equipment. Ultimately, the interior of the equipment often shows how it was taken care of, rather than its exterior appearance.

Avoid Any Misinformation

Misrepresentation or misinformation is quite common for used gear. Although most of them are accidental, sometimes these are due to ignorance or deception. The misinformation can range from age, condition, or functionality.

Sometimes the owners themselves are not very well informed about the equipment. It is essential that you should be aware of the version of the equipment or if there are any revisions to the unit that you are purchasing which can help you in determining its value.

In most cases, there are some pieces of equipment that cannot be upgraded to the latest version. Hence, it is important that you should verify this with your manufacturer just to make sure. If you have some questions or inquiries, then you can get the serial number of the equipment and verify some information with the manufacturer.

How the Equipment Should Be Paid For?

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Purchasing used equipment sometimes comes with greater financial risk. This can be a great issue, especially if you are dealing with an individual since it has some potential consequences. While online payments are more secure, buyers have less recourse when some problems arise.

Ask for a Trial

Even if the equipment has good reviews, it does not mean that you will be happy and satisfied with it. The best way to know if you have a good purchase is to try it yourself. Good dealers sometimes arrange for a home demo to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their products.

Wear/Abuse of the Equipment

Typically, audiophiles usually take good care of their precious investments. However, even with how careful they are, sometimes accidents can happen. That is why it is a must that you should check the equipment carefully for any damage. Obviously, it is expected that there will be normal wear and tear. However, if there are any signs of abuse is something that should be considered. Unfortunately, there are some abide that are not visible.

Are There Any Modifications?

You should be extra careful when considering buying equipment that has been modified. Although some of these modifications can actually enhance its performance, there are others that can either complicate or compromise its reliability.

Most often warranties are forfeited once the equipment has been modified. Even if the item does not have any warranty anymore, there might be other problems. For instance, the manufacturer might require you to return the equipment to its original status before they can repair it. Sometimes you will only discover that the equipment has been modified after bringing it to the service.

Ask For Assistance

If you bought your used equipment from an individual seller, then you are pretty much on your own. While if you are buying from a manufacturer, then they can provide you with some assistance, most especially with warranty-related concerns.

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