If you are a full-time photographer, most probably you have already bought gear that could no longer fit in a single backpack. Buying camera gears can be so addicting for someone whose life is all about photography or videography. In addition, as people in this field, we know that supplemental gears are important so that we can optimize the potentials of a certain clip or photo.

However, there is a thin line between collector and hoarder. As someone who has a lot of gear, you should definitely take a moment and check which are you between the two.

If you have realized that you are a camera gear hoarder, it shows your sweet love for your camera gears. With that, we know that it will definitely be hard for you to sell your camera gear. You may not realize this but selling them can actually benefit you as a photographer or videographer, or even just as a camera-lover.

That is why we will be giving you reasons to sell your camera gear! Whether you are a collector or hoarder, read ahead because you might just be needing to hear these reasons.

Sell Your Gear to Get an Upgrade

Sell Your Gear to Get an Upgrade
Does this reason surprise you? Have you ever had moments where you wanted to buy new camera gear but you stop yourself because you already have too much? Think about it. If you sell your current camera gear, you are actually making room for new ones. You won’t have to be guilty about the purchase. Instead, your purchases are justified and you get the upgrade you need to finally pursue that dream photo you have been dying to take.

You will be surprised that you can actually be happy with letting go of some of your oldest gear that is just gathering dust.

Make Space in Your Office or Room

To quote the organizing expert Marie Kondo, only keep things that spark joy in you. You might feel like you are keeping more joy by keeping more of your gears because they give you memories. That is completely normal. However, if you are a professional photographer or videographer, letting go of these unused gears can make you more productive.

Decluttering gives you more space, beyond the physical. It gives more space for your mind as well to think, work, and relax.

On the other hand, if you are not a camera hoarder and you only have one camera, decluttering may still be a good idea for you. There may be that moment in your life where you were so passionate about your camera, but decluttering can also spark new interests and hobbies you can try.

Passing on The Passion

Buying things that are brand new such as your camera gear definitely can give you a certain kind zing. However, there is also something interesting about buying pre-loved items. For some reason, there is some kind of energy that comes along with that pre-loved item. As a seller, you are able to pass down your passion to whoever purchases your camera.

Think of selling your camera as giving way for more passionate photographers! Do not worry. While the world may be giving up you as a photographer momentarily, another one is going to come in and give the world new photos and videos.

Earn Money

Earn Money
Selling old camera gear can certainly give you the extra cash that you might or might not need. You might be thinking that your camera gears are too old. However, what is beautiful about our camera gear is that they are able to hold their value for years. If they are still in good condition and can still do their necessary functions, you can sell them for a fairly good price.

About Enhanced View Services Inc.

If you are now convinced to sell your camera, you probably still feel a bit anxious about selling it. Being camera-lovers like us, we treat our camera gear as if they were our very own. That is why the thought of somebody else handling our gear can somehow worry us.

However, here at Enhanced View Services Inc., with over 20 years of experience in the camera dealership industry, we assure you of the care and trust you need as you sell your camera.

We will handle the hassle of selling your old gears. Just send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 305-971-2916 and we will purchase your gears directly. Give us a call today!