Nowadays, it seems that vlogging is a common scenario. Most people are doing it, including teenagers, moms, and even toddlers. But what does it actually take to start vlogging? Is there a school you can attend to learn how to vlog?

Or can you simply create a website and fake everything until you make it? Well, the answer can be found between these two. Actually, there’s no need for you to study anything if you want to become a vlogger. But keep in mind that it’s not as simple as clicking the publish button. You should have a message, an audience, a purpose, a platform, etc.

But there’s no need to stress yourself since putting all of these things together is not as hard as it may seem. This ultimate guide to vlogging can help you learn everything about how to vlog, from determining what you need to say to earning income from your videos.

What is a Vlog?

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Generally, a vlog refers to a particular video that highlights the vlogger’s expertise or everyday life. Most often, it has an average length of about five minutes. The words “video” and “blog” were combined, forming the word “vlog.”

Essentially, it is simply a motion picture version of any traditional blog. The purpose of blogs is to establish a connection with the audience through sharing unique experiences and ideas. Ultimately, what makes vlogs different from other video content is that the main focus here is the vlogger.

For instance, a travel vlog concentrates more on the vlogger’s concerns and experiences, whether it is expressed through a voice-over or shown within the frame, while a travel video primarily emphasizes the destination from an objective perspective.

The two major styles of vlogging are “follow me around” and “talking-head.” When it comes to “follow me around” vlogs, vloggers can be seen in various places as they shoot clips. This type of vlogging style is more appropriate for day-to-day life vlogs as well as for travel videos.

In “talking-head” videos, the camera is placed on a tripod and stays static while the creator discusses something or guides the audience through a certain process. Some typical examples of this type of vlog are cooking videos and makeup tutorials.

Can You Earn Income from Vlogging?

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Yes, of course. Why do you think a lot of people want to become vloggers? There are four ways that allow you to monetize your videos:

  • Subscriptions: You can ask for a subscription fee from your viewers, depending on the content of your vlog. Fortunately, there are some platforms that allow you to install the monetization system easily. This can be beneficial to vloggers who are experts in their corresponding fields.
  • Advertising: Most often, video hosting platforms would offer vloggers the option to incorporate ads into their videos. In exchange, the vlogger will be paid when someone clicks on the ad. This is an excellent way of monetizing your content regardless of whether you have a lot of followers or not.
  • Affiliate Marketing: One of the most popular types of collaboration between brands and vloggers is affiliate marketing. Oftentimes, companies will work with content creators so that their products or services will be featured in the videos. Hence, every time someone makes a purchase, the vlogger will receive a percentage of the cost.
  • Sponsored Content: When it comes to video monetization, this is the most lucrative but also the most difficult one to obtain. Every time the vloggers mention a brand in their videos, they will be paid. However, before reaching out to brands, make sure that you have a strong online presence and a large following.

How to Start Vlogging

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After knowing what a vlog is and how to earn money from your videos, the next step is to learn how to start a vlog.

Deciding On Your Niche

Before you start creating your vlogs, you should decide what type of content you want to make. If your audience has a clear understanding of your niche, then they will have an idea of what to expect from your videos. In this way, you can attract relevant viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Some of the most common vlogging niches to choose from are gaming, unboxing, travel, makeup, food, and fitness. Although it is not necessary to stick to one of these categories, you should ensure that the type of content you choose is currently in demand.

Once you have chosen a topic, you can start by searching for it on YouTube. Check the videos that appear and verify the number of viewers that the top results have. Then, go to their profile and see how many subscribers they have. If you find out that their subscribers are extremely low, then it’s time to select another category. As much as possible, try to choose a niche with a wider audience.

Observe What Other Creators Are Doing

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After determining the type of content you like, the next step is to search for content that is similar to yours. Search for vlogs based on popularity and publication date to understand how this topic has evolved over time. Find out who the most popular vloggers in your field are and learn what makes them unique and why they stand out from the competition.

If you want to learn how to vlog, pay attention to what experienced vloggers in your industry are doing. The more time you spend doing this, the more knowledge you can gain and apply to your own journey.

Discover Your Voice

It is vital to establish your own unique voice to become a successful vlogger. Since you will be entering the competitive world of vlogging, consider your content as the product and yourself as the brand.

In addition to creating interesting videos, ensure they are aesthetically appealing and can attract your relevant audience, encouraging them to watch more. Think about what you can offer your audience that other vloggers have not done yet.

It could be anything from stunning visuals to your years of experience in the field. Whatever it is, make sure it can be applied in all or most of your videos and won’t become obsolete over time.

Invest in Gear

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When purchasing equipment, remember that it will depend greatly on the type of content you want to create. Obviously, you can’t use the same tools for baking a cake and traveling around the world. Additionally, consider your budget and technical skills when deciding. Typically, you will need six pieces of equipment for your vlog.

  • Camera: The best camera to choose will vary depending on your niche. Nowadays, most people are using mirrorless cameras, while others are opting for DSLRs or action cameras. First, explore the various types of cameras available in the market, then identify which model is more suitable for your needs.
  • Lens: When using an interchangeable lens camera, remember that the lens you use plays a significant role in the quality of your video. Among the different types of camera lenses, most vloggers prefer wider angles since they allow you to fit more objects into the frame with less maneuvering. Before choosing a particular lens, explore other options within your budget.
  • Tripod: A tripod or stabilizer is one of the most important camera accessories for most genres. If you want to learn how to vlog, having a tripod is a must. No matter how great your content is, viewers won’t waste their time watching shaky videos.
  • Microphone: In addition to shaky footage, your audience will be discouraged by poor sound quality. Whether you want to use background music or not, you will need a high-quality microphone for recording audio.

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