If you are an enthusiast or a professional videographer, you’ve probably collected a stack of equipment over the years.  The need to upgrade your gear seems to be going with how fast technological advancement paces today.  You may find an assortment of used camera equipment that you may not likely use anytime soon or not at all.

All the gadgets and apparatuses you’re no longer using takes up room in your home or studio.  The truth is that the longer you keep them, the more they depreciate.  On the bright side, if your gear is perfectly working, another videographer, perhaps a beginner, would be happy to own and put it to good use.  Among these are old cameras, camcorders, microphones, lenses, tripods, lights, filters, studio equipment, and others.

Why Should I Sell My Old Videography Gears?

There is a handful of reasons why you want to upgrade.  Because most videographers know how fragile their equipment is, it’s rare to replace camera equipment because it isn’t working.  Although it can happen, the usual purpose of gear upgrade stems from your skills leveling up.

Instead of letting your paraphernalia continue to depreciate or waste its life, why not take the step to pass them on and sell them?  Doing this will help you cover the cost of the new equipment you’re availing of next.  It will also benefit another budding videographer who can probably purchase their first camera at a lower price. You may not know it, but it is an invaluable gift you can also give to the profession.

Furthermore, selling your preloved equipment also does a lot of good for the planet.  By giving your gear its second or third life, you help reduce the number of new cameras and components that need to be manufactured.

Steps to Sell Your Used Cameras and Videography Gear

Are you sold to sell yet?  Finding a new home for your gear is easy if you know your options.  It isn’t a complicated process.  You only need to know what to look for, where to go, and how to prepare your items.  Whatever option you choose, there’s always a market for paraphernalia like this.  They are valuable, and you are aware that they’re worth something.  But how do you find the best deal?  The following suggestions can help you decide and get ready to sell:

Choose What You’re Selling

Which items do you want to sell?  Perhaps you have a couple of devices you want to let go.  For example, if you have been focusing on indoor jobs and enjoy them, you may not need umbrellas and other outdoor gear.

You may offer all these together with your video camera as a package.  Although it can be tempting to put these aside for later use, remind yourself that you do not need to keep everything. Remember that selling the older gadgets would make way to fund the new ones you’d like to own soon.

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Do Your Research

Once you’ve decided which of your old gear you’ll pass on, the next step is to get an idea of how much you can get for them.  The easiest method is to look them up online.  Find photography and videography online resellers to get a quick quote.  Ensure that you are checking the model and other details of your camera.  You must be cross-referencing the same models or their equivalence across different brands.

The items you’ll see in the reselling sites have been thoroughly inspected and approved by the expert sellers.  To warrant that you also offer gears in their tiptop shape, you’ll need to conduct a thorough inspection to determine their condition.

First, check each for any damage.  Damage can result from wear and tear, drops, or other accidents.  Take a close look at the lenses for possible scratches and cracks.  Your items’ condition is a significant factor that can affect the price you’ll receive.

Prepare and Clean Your Gears

Separate the items you’ll sell from any accessories or other items you keep.  If you’re letting go of only the camera’s body, detach all the accessories and attachments.  You will also need to remove the battery and memory card.  It’s never a good idea to store your devices with batteries.  Also, double-check to ensure you have retrieved your valuable memory card from the camera.

Did you keep the products’ original packaging, boxes, or manuals?  That will be a plus for your buyers, so include them in the sale if you have them.

Lastly, before saying goodbye to your gears, ensure everything is as clean as possible.  Spotless products add to the condition and price range that your equipment will belong to.

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Choose Your Selling Route

There are three options for selling your video apparatuses. You can sell them locally, through an auction, or online via a reseller.  In other words, you can sell them yourself and directly to your buyer, or you can find someone who specializes in the field, to undertake the task for you.

When you decide to sell directly, you can control your transactions more.  You can set your price, and if you’re lucky, there is a possibility that you can receive a higher amount.  However, it might take extra work to find the right buyer.  You’ll be responsible for marketing, answering queries, and meeting face-to-face with potential customers.  If you’re busy and private, this route is not for you.

If you choose to go with an online auction site like eBay, you could also fetch a higher price.  Buyers can bid against each other for your gear, driving the final price.  However, success would depend on a well-established account with a high seller rating.  Since you’re doing it yourself, it will take quite a bit of your time and effort.

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The last and probably the best option is to find a reseller specializing in video and audio equipment like Enhanced View Services. Perhaps it is also the easiest way to sell your gear since it will require minimal effort from you.

There are three options to go with Enhanced View Services. We can help you with your used video and audio equipment if you:

  • Consign your product with us at our shop;
  • Have your gear listed for sale and let us advertise and broker for you; or
  • We can purchase your equipment directly.

Initially, you would need to go online and sign the form.  Enter your contact details and the information about the equipment. Should you wish, you may also include images of your items. We will then give you a price quote. Once you accept the offer, we can go forward with your chosen path.

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