With most people relying on technology for information and entertainment nowadays, there’s an increase in production worldwide. With this comes an increased demand for ALEXA Mini LF, the latest camera from ARRI. The leading camera designer and manufacturer is working hard to produce more ALEXA Mini LF cameras to cope with these demands.

Manufacturers perform camera testing before the release of the devices. During the ARRI team’s regular camera testing on the ALEXA Mini LF, they have discovered that removing the Codex Compact Drive immediately from the camera after stopping a recording can result in error messages. However, it will not lead to any data loss, and any recording up to this point will still be stored on the drive.

Still, ARRI is working on releasing a Software Update Package (SUP) in Q4 2020 to address this issue. Until then, the ARRI Team recommends following the 10-second rule to ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.21. users to avoid experiencing this issue.

The 10-second rule for removing Compact Drives

Wait for 10 seconds after pushing the stop recording button before removing the Compact Drive to avoid most error messages #97 and #175.

How to fix error messages #97, #100, #175 or #200

Rebooting the camera with the drive still inside will clear up the issue in the following error messages:

Error #97 and Error #175: recording stopped due to FPGA failure

Error #100: Connection to recording media is not working properly, please try reinserting

Error #200: Camera has restarted due to a technical problem

If the above remedy does not work, contact ARRI Service immediately.

Other notes on handling the drive

Ensure that all cameras on set are using the same and the latest version of the camera’s Software Update Package (SUP), which is the ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.21.

If it takes too long for the Compact Drive to be recognized or not recognized at all, have an ARRI or Codex service update the compact drive according to ARRI’s Email Newsletter “Update Information: Codex Compact Drive 1TB” dated August 5.