If you’re planning to start vlogging, you might find the process a bit complex, but ultimately rewarding. You’ll enjoy delving into the intricacies of planning, filming, techniques, and especially the technical aspects of video gear. Researching, selecting, and purchasing the right gear can be one of the most enjoyable parts!

Here, we’ll share some valuable vlogging accessories and highlight those you might want to avoid.

So, what exactly are vlogging accessories? They’re the tools and items you may initially think are unnecessary but are actually quite useful for making vlogging easier and enhancing the quality of your videos.

Travel Tripod

A man walking down a hill with a skateboard, authorized dealer.

A travel tripod can be more useful than you might think. It’s one of those items you don’t realize you need until you do. Without one, you might find yourself limited in where you can capture still footage. Unlike a gorilla pod, which requires objects to wrap around, a travel tripod allows you to take shots anywhere with ease.

Moreover, a travel tripod offers stability, whereas a gorilla pod could easily topple over if not handled carefully. This stability is crucial, especially when filming yourself and unable to catch your camera in time. Another advantage of a travel tripod is its fluid head, if included. This feature enables smooth pans and tilts, enhancing your footage.

Why Travel Tripods Are Great

They provide solid stability and are user-friendly. Plus, they come in various price ranges, making them accessible to different budgets. Some travel tripods even double as monopods for added versatility.

What are Its Shortcomings?

Keep in mind that travel tripods could take up too much space. Most likely, they can easily attract attention, which is not good if you are trying to conceal it.

Portable Lights

A person's hand holding a circular light in the dark, illuminated by new broadcast video equipment.

As you delve into vlogging, you’ll encounter various lighting challenges. Some rooms may be dimly lit, auditoriums poorly illuminated, and night scenes disastrous.

Even with a camera boasting excellent low-light performance, maintaining a low ISO to prevent grainy footage remains difficult. In fact, even top-tier cameras struggle in low-light conditions. When vlogging at night and aiming for perfect shots, bringing along portable lights is your best bet.

A single small light can make a significant difference when filming in total darkness, ensuring your face is visible. Consider mounting a light on top of your camera to illuminate your surroundings and engage your audience more effectively.

Portable lights also come in handy for enhancing natural light. Often, you can use a small light to fill in shadows when natural light from a window serves as the primary light source.

What Makes Portable Lights Great

Portable lights are lightweight and small. They are very handy to use in every situation, such as in dark rooms, at night, as well as for filling lights.

What Are the Drawbacks?

It requires an extra battery if you want to keep it charged. You will also need a hot shoe mount extender if you want to mount a mic and light on your camera. Sometimes it can make your camera gear look absurd.

Remote Camera Shutter

A man holding a preowned camera in front of the Eiffel Tower.

For vloggers who primarily handle their own filming, operating the camera can be a challenge, especially when it’s out of reach. If your camera is positioned far away and connected by a wire, toggling it on and off means repeatedly walking back and forth—a time-consuming process.

However, investing in an affordable remote can simplify this task, saving you valuable time. Additionally, a remote allows for easy capture of portrait shots, ideal for creating thumbnail photos.

What Makes Camera Remotes Essential

Camera remotes streamline the process of recording and taking photos, particularly when you’re alone. They are compact and cost-effective.

Disadvantages of Camera Remotes

Camera remotes require batteries, which can be inconvenient to replace in urgent situations.

Lavalier Microphone

A pair of new broadcast video equipment wireless microphones sitting on top of a laptop.

Many vloggers prefer shotgun mics mounted on top of their cameras for capturing excellent audio conveniently. However, having a lavalier microphone can still be advantageous.

For instance, if your camera is placed far from the subject or if there’s significant background noise, a lavalier mic can be invaluable in these common scenarios. Moreover, wired lavalier mics are compact, taking up minimal space in your pack.

Why a Lavalier Microphone is Important

Lavalier microphones come in a wide range of price points, making it easy to find one that fits your budget. They are small and portable, ideal for on-the-go use.

What’s the Drawback?

Using a wired lavalier microphone can be cumbersome due to the wires. Wireless models, on the other hand, may pose challenges in managing radio signals.

Additional Lenses

A close up of a lens from preowned broadcast equipment on a dark background.

While most vloggers start with a wide-angle lens, there are situations where this focal length might not suffice. Although a wide-angle lens is typically the go-to choice for vlogging, there are times when you need more versatility.

Wide-angle lenses can make it challenging to capture close-ups of subjects other than yourself. They often have smaller apertures, making it difficult to achieve a pleasing background blur or separate your subject from the background.

Why It’s Great to Have Additional Lenses

Extra lenses can significantly enhance the overall quality of your videos and offer versatility in capturing different types of shots.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Extra lenses are often among the most expensive accessories for your video setup. Additionally, they may add considerable weight to your gear bag.


A recording studio with a microphone, headphones, and broadcast audio and video equipment.

Imagine spending a significant amount of time recording testimonials from multiple people, only to realize later that you forgot to turn on the microphone. This could be a mistake you’ll never forget.

Therefore, it’s crucial not to overlook bringing headphones. While you can rely on the audio button on your camera’s video monitor, having headphones is invaluable for monitoring the audio you’re recording.

Listening to the captured audio through headphones allows you to hear what the microphone picks up, which may differ from what your ears perceive. With headphones, you have the opportunity to address sound issues before reaching the editing stage.

What’s Makes Headphones Great

Headphones are small and easily fit into your pack. They are also very affordable, and chances are you already own a pair.

What’s The Drawback?

None so far.

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