1. Wireless Charging

Ikea has announced that it will incorporate the Qi wireless charging standard into a new line of its furniture and appliances. This line of items will include tables, lamps, and desks that will be able to charge some Windows and Android phones, including the upcoming Galaxy S6.

“Our belief is that mobile phones are vital parts to people’s lives at home and their desire to stay connected, and Qi addresses an unmet need to keep devices powered,” says an Ikea Representative.

The caveat is that Qi is not the only wireless charging standard out there. The other main standard is Power Matters Alliance (PMA) which is backed by a slew of big named companies such as Starbucks, Duracell, and even the FCC.

It ought to be interesting to see which standard will rise above.

2. Physical “Cookies”

Aren’t all cookies physical, and delicious? Not so!

Of course, I’m talking about internet cookies that track your online information to create a more personalized internet experience.

Ever get a targeted ad? Ever logged into an online account without typing your username and password? Well, cookies are responsible for that.

Anyway, certain brick and mortar stores are incorporating “cookie” technology into their sales tactics by giving customers a key chain that will track customers’ visiting habits.

What’s in it for the customer? Discounts and deals that are interest-specific.

Does it actually work? Investors seem to think so because the average physical-cookie-carrying customer stays in stores about 20% longer than cookies customers.

3. Electric Condoms

“I’m gonna put on a condom because it heightens the sensations down there,” said no one ever.

Condoms, however, are necessary tools that have prevented unwanted pregnancies and the spread of many diseases.

Luckily(?), a group of Georgia Tech students are coming to the rescue with a condom that is lined with a gel that conducts electricity! ><

The shocks are controlled by a circuit at the opening of the device. The inventors are looking to embed the controlling device into the material of the condom itself in later models.

Yikes!!! or Yikes???